This whole pandemic has us tired, too.

"Ti-ed" really.

We all know the names by now:




"The 'Rona"

While there is much we don't know about the coronavirus, there is ONE thing we do know:

We don't want anyone to have it.


The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on deeply embedded inequities in Black and brown communities--inequities that continue to leave these communities at higher risk of disease and death.  "Not A Host (N.A.H.)" is an effort spearheaded by public health professionals, physicians, psychologists, and community advocates with a common mission:
raising awareness about COVID-19 pandemic among the most marginalized in our community.

Our hope is that you use this website to stay informed about facts related to COVID-19, support our essential workers and,
of course (if you have the choice that you) choose not to be a host.

Or as we say, "NAH!"

What Do We Mean "Host"?

The Host You Don't Know

The Host You Know

This one, you might not know.


Because you likely have no idea you're "hosting" or carrying a pesky virus in your body.  This is the deal:

Coronavirus needs YOU to in order to keep itself alive.

You can have the virus, show NO symptoms and still PASS it on to others. Protect yourself (and others) by wearing a mask, washing your hands and staying six feet apart from others. Learn more about immunity and staying healthy here.  

Don't be a host.

We all know them.

In fact, we might BE them.
Either way, we love the person who sends 
the "Come through" text.


Or maybe it reads:

"Firing up the grill"

"I got the drinks. You bring the food."

We're still in the midst of a global pandemic, so

let's sit this one out until we're 100% sure the coast is clear. 

Studying on a Computer

So, What Can We Actually Do?

Stay six feet apart.

Wear a mask.  Wear gloves.  Stay at home.

Some folks are asking,

"What CAN we do?"

We hear you.

First, know our priority is for you to be HEALTHY during this pandemic. Mentally. Physically.

Spiritually. Emotionally.

Second, we know some people have internet access and some do not. Here's a list that should

work for some of everybody to keep your mind (and body) right while you stay at home.

Want printed copies? No problem.

Request them here!




5. Workout/cardio

4. Happy hour

3. Dance off/ Talent show

2. Family Check-In

1.  Gaming challenge

5. True or Myth Parties

4. Family Scavenger Hunt

3. Family Check-in Meetings

2. Cook-off 

1. Game Night

5. Fishing

4. Reading

3. Journal

2. Walking

1.  Nature walk

If You Need to Head Outside...

Nominate an ESSENTIAL

Community Hero!

"Stay-At-Home" orders might imply that everyone has the privilege of remaining indoors during this global pandemic. 


We know this is not case for many of our dedicated frontline workers from diverse and culturally-rich communities. We love you and honor you for your service to our country.


Learn how you, or someone you love, can be featured as our community hero.

Get Your Mind

(and Spirit) Right!

Did we mention how tiring

"sitting still" can be? 

Who would've thought, "Sat down!" would follow us into adulthood.

For two months.

Many of us are trying to figure out this new "normal" ourselves. 

Take a look at some of the resources community wellness experts and psychologists recommend to help you stay healthy during the pandemic.

Do you have ideas as well?

Share them with us!

Protecting Yourself &

Your Family

So much different information about how to best protect yourself from coronavirus.


What's fact and what's fiction?

What are these inequities people are talking about?

Mask or no mask?

Gloves or no gloves?

Who is really at risk?!

Learn the facts here. 

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