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Summary of Services

Build Capacity.

Encourage Innovation.

Foster Change.

Whether you are a small non-profit organization serving rural youth, a large corporation implementing a company-wide inclusion program, or a foundation assessing the effectiveness of a statewide health literacy initiative, you, as well as your stakeholders, want to know:

How will we know if we're successful?

What is our impact?

What did we do well?
What can we do better?

Pillar Consulting is your go-to consulting firm for rigorous, scientifically sound evaluation of your company's initiatives.  Working closely with clients and stakeholders, we strive to understand your needs and work collaboratively to develop a framework that is both practical and feasible for your organization.  


For The Culture?

Are We Leading or Lagging with Culturally Responsive and Equitable Evaluation (CREE)?

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Capabilities Statement

Pillar Consulting Capabilites Sheet 2021

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What You Can

Expect as A Client

  • Highly trained research staff

  • Clear, ongoing communication with consultants

  • Thorough assessment of your organization’s research needs

  • On-time, accurate data reporting

  • Quality results and support in interpretation of findings

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