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Equity is our business.

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  • Child literacy

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Mental health services

  • Post-secondary education

  • Maternal and child health

  • HIV/AIDS prevention

  • Breast cancer

  • Nursing research

  • International health

  • Rural health

Located just minutes away from Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, Pillar Consulting offers a variety of research and evaluation services to non-profit, academic, and philanthropic organizations. Drawing upon the expertise of top researchers, practitioners, students and community advocates in area, we partner with national and international organizations to engage and mobilize stakeholders in setting evaluation priorities and establishing clear programmatic goals.  Our customized assessments include: exploration of needs and assets, development of exploratory tools and surveys, and development of monitoring and evaluation plans.   

The Pillar Consulting team offers an extensive background in qualitative methodologies and analyses. With a growing need for mixed-method approaches in research, this expertise in essential in providing quality results to supplement traditional quantitative data.  

From logic model creation to the development of evaluation planning tools, we work closely with clients to ensure a balance between methodological rigor and organizational capacity.  We understand the importance of creating an environment in which there is reciprocal learning and mutual respect between our team and our clients, and pride ourselves on offering innovative solutions for client evaluation needs.  Our work in urban and rural, as well as, domestic and international settings offer unique perspectives that will prove valuable for any organization carrying out work with communities.

In addition to evaluation support and guidance, Pillar Consulting staff offer a variety of hands-on capacity-building trainings and workshops that focus on research basics, qualitative and quantitative methodologies, benefits and drawbacks of various data sources, creation of research tools, and exploration of "evidence-based" and “best practices” as it relates to research in different settings. Capacity building workshops can consist of broad research topics with associated case studies, or can be tailored to organizational needs based on consultation.


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