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THRIVE for NC Small- and Medium Businesses

Pillar Consulting is excited to partner with Carolina PROSPER to support small- and medium-sized businesses as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.  The webinars below offer North Carolina business owners, as well as their staff, opportunities to reflectrealign and renew their business goals as we end 2020.    



The introductory webinar for the THRIVE series will help business owners reflect on, and learn from, challenges they've overcome in 2020. Dr. Bahby will offer a framework to help attendees position themselves to not merely survive in the coming year, but to thrive.


This session will help attendees explore and understand their "value add" as individuals and as small businesses.  In other words, what makes you different? And what will help you to rise to the top in the midst of a global pandemic? The session will offer strategies and tools to help businesses realign in 2021.


How do you keep your team and customers engaged with your business (or services) during a global pandemic? Very simple: You perfect your pivot. Dr. Bahby will offer structured activities for attendees to review their brand strategy (or business goals) to meet the shifting needs of our community.

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