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Build Capacity.

Encourage Innovation.

Foster Change.

Whether you are a small non-profit organization serving at-risk youth, a large corporation implementing a company-wide inclusion program, or a foundation assessing the effectiveness of a statewide tobacco-free initiative, you, as well as your stakeholders, will likely ask:

How will we know if we're successful?
What did we do well?
What can we do better?

Pillar Consulting is your go-to consulting firm for rigorous, scientifically sound evaluation of your company's initiatives.  Working closely with clients and stakeholders, we strive to understand your needs and work collaboratively to develop an evaluation framework that is both practical and feasible for your organization.  We work with clients during varied times along the spectrum of program development, implementation and evaluation, and guide the development of relevant planning tools, including logic models, survey metrics, and interview or focus group guides.

The Pillar Team Leads COVID-19 Equity Campaign, "Not A Host"!

Dr. Banks Leading in the Time of COVID-19
(Durham Magazine feature May 2020)

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Summary of Services

Summary of Consultation Services

  • Survey and focus group guide development

  • Training material design and development

  • Logic model development and metric selection

Program Development
  • Qualitative data collection (focus groups, interviews)

  • Research capacity building workshops/trainings

Recent Projects

  • Qualitative analysis of statewide Title V consumer data for maternal and child health services (special needs, perinatal, school readiness)

  • Qualitative and quantitative survey administration to 3rd and 4th grade students enrolled in school-based child literacy intervention 

  • Qualitative survey administration to elementary school teachers implementing classroom-based literacy intervention

  • Development of evaluation framework for university-based program to increase historically underrepresented minority participation in health disparities research 

  • Web-based training of test handlers and administrators across six North Carolina counties

  • Application review for federally-funded international exchange program for undergraduate and graduate students 

  • Grant application review for statewide health disparities initiative


  • Focus group facilitation

  • Interview administration (online, in-person or telephone)

  • Qualitative analysis and interpretation

  • Dissemination and evaluation summary reports

Capabilities Statement

Pillar Consulting Capabilities Sheet.png

What You Can Expect as A Client

  • Highly trained research staff

  • Clear, ongoing communication with consultants

  • Thorough assessment of your organization’s research needs

  • On-time, accurate data reporting

  • Quality results and support in interpretation of findings

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