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Building Capacity for Storytelling and Wellness

Welcome PEECO grantees!
The Pillar  team has developed three webinars to support data-driven storytelling and wellness – for your team and yourselves – at your organizations. These webinars are available to stream for any of your employees to view until June 15th.

See below for descriptions of each workshop.

Storytelling your Data with Dr. Bahby Banks

Discover and develop tools that support you in storytelling the need and impact of your work - regardless of the size and scope of your data. During the webinar participants will:

  • Explore various data types that your organization can utilize for storytelling. 

  • Understand the significance of logic models and theories of change for social impact.

  • Learn how to craft and market your impact in a way that resonates with diverse audiences.

This webinar will provide you and your team with opportunities to collaborate and explore different strategies for effectively communicating your impact to funders, community members, and policymakers.


Creating a Culture of Wellness at Nonprofits with Dr. Erin M. Stephens

Develop a framework for employee wellness that is tailored to the social conditions and harms that BIPOC nonprofit workers navigate. During the webinar participants will: 

  • Learn a basic history of nonprofits

  • Identify how typical workplace wellness programs fail to address key aspects of burnout for BIPOC nonprofit workers. 

  • Redefine workplace wellness to include rest and restorative policies, programs, and practices. 

  • Engage in an assessment of workplace wellness at your nonprofit. 


The first half of the webinar provides the foundation for participants to create their own workplace wellness model. The second half supports participants in specific strategies to increase nonprofit employee wellness. 


Caring for Those Who Care for Others with Dr. Trenita Childers

Hold space for your own wellness during this webinar that provides practices and tools to heal stress and burnout. During this webinar participants will:

  • Identify threats to wellness, including burnout, stress, and decision fatigue. 

  • Explore what it looks like to engage in care work and maintain wellness.

  • Cultivate awareness of your personal needs and gain strategies for prioritizing those needs amid professional and personal demands. 

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